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ShiseiChemical's staff

This page introduces the people of ShiseiChemical, who give their all on behalf of our customers' products and the people who use them.

Plant Manufacturing Department, Filling and Packaging Group
Nobuhiro Kurata

Manufacturing with consideration of product quality assurance, stable supply, and reduction of production costs

Together with our Group companies I make efforts every day, taking pride in our No. 1 share for professional-use hair coloring products as an OEM company for hair coloring agents.
The number of available colors for hair coloring agents is extremely large, which creates some difficulties in manufacturing. But I engage in work in the belief that I can help each customer gain the perfect coloring and be happy.

Nobuhiro Kurata

At the same time, hair care products differ by form of content, form of container, volume, form of packaging, and more. We perform a diverse range of filling and packaging that meets these forms. For that reason, too, we consider quality assurance, stable supply, and reduction of product cost to be eternal themes in manufacturing, and tackle these with all employees acting as one.

In addition to commercial-use products, we also handle general products sold in stores.

When I see one of these products in a shop, I wonder whether it's one we made, and pick it up and look at it. When it is a product that we made, sometimes I feel like buying up all of them.
In order to keep on satisfying our many customers, we will keep on creating hair coloring products and hair care products. With all employees working as one, we will keep on working hard to increase the number of happy people.

Plant and Manufacturing Division, Mixing Group
Hitoshi Fujita

To build trust...

My job is mainly mixing work, or manufacturing the content of professional-use hair care products. I perform the processes of ingredient weighing, mixing, and extraction, for products that give form to customers' wishes. In the Manufacturing Department, each Group has a role, and many people take a part in creating a single product.

Hitoshi Fujita

Although 20 years have passed since I joined the company, even now I notice new things every day. I love the moment of creating cosmetics by my own hand. Without mixing, I would have nothing left. That I can say this without exaggeration is because I've grown with a fascination for mixing. Or I've been raised that way, you could say.
As mixing is work that directly involves the content of the product, particularly careful attention is needed.

First-in, first-out weighing of ingredients, with zero tolerance for error, takes place under instructions from the weighing system. In the manufacturing process, there is a process flowsheet for every product, manufacturing volume, and manufacturing cauldron. We perform consistent product creation by double-checking stirring speed, time, and temperature for ingredient admixtures. With "Engage in product creation, with safety, peace of mind, and high quality plus assured technology and passion!" as our motto, we in the Mixing Group collaborate with the R&D and Quality Engineering Groups to improve our knowledge and technologies. We work proactively, through means that include study groups and idea sessions.

"What is it that we're making?" We're aiming to be a group that can confidently respond to that question with "We're making happiness for the customer." To make happiness for the customer, we have to delight the customer.

With assured technology and passion, we envision the happiness of customers who we may not personally meet, and hope to build trust by providing safe, worry-free, high-quality products. I work with products every day, holding that wish in mind.

Quality Engineering Group
Mitsuwaka Hirose

Creating colorful delight...

In August 2012, ShiseiChemical moved its plant to a new industrial park about 15km from Tokorozawa. Our plant was reborn as a cosmetics GMP plant, based on the technologies that we had built up for 30 years at the Tokorozawa Plant.
Through close teamwork with customers, the Quality Engineering Group engages daily in the management of quality and technology to produce valuable products under thorough cosmetics GMP management.

Mitsuwaka Hirose

For members of the Quality Engineering Group, the day starts with a check of the facilities and of the purified water. The Group also performs checks of the physical property values of products, shipping inspections for finished products, ingredients, and much more.

We look after customers' valuable products, and the thorough management that we perform until shipping is truly a succession of tense moments. Throughout that, we always look forward to sharing "colorful delight" with our customers.

Cosmetics production comes about through the teamwork of many people, as well as a diverse Production System, facilities to maintain an environment optimal for these, and more. Within this, the Quality Engineering Group forges ahead daily to continue providing customers with assured technology and stable quality.

From our industrial park among the rich nature of the Sayama hills, we aim to create good products and engage in manufacturing with delight. We undertake challenges with the idea that every day should bring new discoveries.

Quality Assurance Group, Total Support Office
Daijirou Abukawa

Placing our relationship of trust with the customer first, we aim to be an excellent OEM partner that makes customers glad to have chosen us

The Total Support Office of the Quality Assurance Group was created as a new department to deal directly with customers.
In order to give form to the dreams and wishes of manufacturers, we listen to them and offer support for all steps – contact and dealings with the R&D Group, communication with the Plant Manufacturing Department, and so on, even after shipping the product.

Daijirou Abukawa

I've been involved with the Filling and Packaging Group of the Plant Manufacturing Department for 24 years since joining the company. I want to leverage the knowledge and experience gained during that time to deliver hair care products and hair coloring products with assured high-quality to customers.

In addition to the wishes of customers, when the R&D Group has developed a new product, we hold proposal meetings. Our hope is to be an OEM that can help invigorate the hair care market and hair coloring market in some small way.

We will continue offering the professional-use hair coloring agents and hair care products that we have built up over many years as an OEM, and hope that we can be of use as an excellent partner in the hair cosmetics industry.

R&D Group
Yutarou Matsumoto

Cosmetics are happiness

Our job is to speedily prepare items that satisfy customers, in line with their requests.
We feel pride and a sense of responsibility toward our work of research and development, and strive to evolve day by day so that we can create even more dreams and happiness. Toward that end, we maintain inquiring minds and seek efficacy that we have never seen before. We will do so repeatedly until we can create products from zero and gain the praise and satisfaction of customers. I love this job.

Yutarou Matsumoto

In the development of cosmetics, we engage with customers through words. In actuality, though, this is an area of the senses. We envision things from the customer's ideas, create things with form, and appeal to the customer's sensibilities. We make the fullest use of our ability to think, our ability to act, and our teamwork, hoping to support customers' dreams and happiness.

ShiseiChemical is an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM. The products that we develop are polished under a variety of customers. They are also used by a variety of persons. I think of cosmetics as a medium for conveying happiness. I myself am able to use cosmetics to cover areas where I have a complex, and even to change my mood.

I feel that bringing even a little more happiness into the world through our support is my happiness and my mission.
I want to provide cosmetics that only ShiseiChemical can create, so that I can give rise to happiness while feeling happiness, and help create even a little more happiness.